29 April 2011

[Music_Gallery] * Roger Miller - Skip A Rope


Skip a rope skip a rope
Oh listen to the children while they play
Now ain't it kinda funny what the children say
Skip a rope

Daddy hates mommy mommy hates dad
Last night you should've heard the fight they had
It gave little sister another bad dream
She woke us all up with a terrible scream

Skip a rope skip a rope...

Cheat on your taxes don't be a fool
Now what was that they said about the golden rule
Never mind the rule just play to win
And hate your neighbor for the shade of his skin

Skip a rope skip a rope...

Stub 'em in the back that's the name of the game
And mommy and daddy are who's to blame

Skip a rope skip a rope
Just listen to your children while they play
It's really not very funny what the children say
Skip a rope skip a rope
Skip a rope skip a rope

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